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Date Event
28/02/2024 Q4/FY 2023 Trading Update (Earnings Call)

Register here to AUTO1 Group SE's Q4 / FY 2023 Trading Update on February 28, 2024 at 9:30am CET

04/04/2024 Publication annual financial report
08/05/2024 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q1)
06/06/2024 Annual General Meeting
31/07/2024 Q2/24 Trading Update (Earnings Call)
11/09/2024 Publication half-yearly financial report
13/11/2024 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q3)
Date Event
22/11/2023 UBS Online Marketplaces, virtual
16/11/2023 Morgan Stanley European TMT Conference, Barcelona
15/11/2023 BNP Paribas Exane 6th MidCap CEO Conference, Paris
08/11/2023 Publication Quarterly Financial Report (call-date Q3)
18/09/2023 Baader Investment Conference, Munich
18/09/2023 Goldman Sachs/Berenberg German Corporate Conference, Munich
14/09/2023 Citi's Growth conference, London
13/09/2023 Publication Half-yearly Financial Report
06/09/2023 Citi Annual Global Technology Conference, NYC
02/08/2023 Q2 Trading Update (Earnings Call)
07/06/2023 Annual General Meeting, Berlin
04/05/2023 Goldman Sachs 16th European Small and Mid Cap Symposium, London
03/05/2023 Publication quarterly financial report (call-date Q1)
05/04/2023 Publication Annual Financial Report
05/04/2023 Publication of 2022 ESG Report
23/03/2023 Goldman Sachs European Internet Conference, London
16/03/2023 JPMorgan INTERNET DAYS, Virtual
15/03/2023 Citi’s Growth Conference, London
23/02/2023 Q4/FY 2022 Trading Update (Earnings Call)
06/12/2022 Berenberg Pennyhill Conference, London
22/11/2022 UBS Online Marketplaces Day , virtual
17/11/2022 Morgan Stanley TMT Conference, Barcelona
16/11/2022 BNP Paribas Exane MidCap Conference, Paris
02/11/2022 Press Release - quarterly statement (call-date Q3)
12/10/2022 Publication of Q3 2022 Unit Sales and Purchases
20/09/2022 Baader Investment Conference, Munich
20/09/2022 Goldman Sachs German Corporate Conference, Munich
14/09/2022 Publication half-yearly financial report
14-15/09/2022 Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference, San Francisco
08/09/2022 Citi's Growth Conference, London
06/09/2022 Commerzbank and ODDO BHF - Corporate Conference, Frankfurt
03/08/2022 Q2 2022 Trading Update
13/07/2022 Publication of Q2 2022 Unit Sales and Purchases
14/06/2022 Barclays European Internet and Emerging Tech Conference, virtual
09/06/2022 Annual General Meeting, Online
25/05/2022 dbAccess German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt
18/05/2022 J.P. Morgan European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference, London
11/05/2022 Publication quarterly statement (call-date Q1)
11/05/2022 Register here to AUTO1 Group SE's Q1 2022 Earnings Call on May 11 at 3:30pm CEST
13/04/2022 Publication of Q1 2022 Unit Sales and Purchases
08/04/2022 Publication annual financial report
24-25/03/2022 GS European Digital Economy Conference: Consumer Internet
23/03/2022 Press Release - annual financial report
23/03/2022 Register here to AUTO1 Group SE's Q4 2021 Earnings Call on March 23 at 3:30pm CET
23/03/2022 JPM Fireside Chat
23/03/2022 UBS European Media conference
17/11/2021 Register here to AUTO1 Group SE's Q3 2021 Earnings Call on November 17 at 3:30pm CET
17/11/2021 Q3 2021 Results
22/09/2021 Goldman Sachs 30th Annual Communacopia Conference (Christian Bertermann, CEO)
21/09/2021 Goldman Sachs / Berenberg German Corporate Conference (Markus Boser, CFO)
20/09/2021 Baader Investment Conference 2021
15/09/2021 H1 2021 Earnings Report
15/09/2021 Citi's 2021 Global Technology Virtual Conference (Markus Boser, CFO)
12/08/2021 J.P. Morgan Virtual Auto Confernce with Markus Boser - August 12, 2021

Fireside Chat with Markus Boser, CFO, at 1.20pm CET

Link to the event:
06/08/2021 H1 2021 Trading Update
24/06/2021 Annual General Meeting (virtual)
17/06/2021 dbAccess Berlin Conference 2021
11/06/2021 Barclays Internet & Emerging Tech Conference
07-11/06/2021 BNPP: 23rd European CEO Conference
26-27/05/2021 JPM: European Technology, Media and Telecoms Conference
19/05/2021 Q1 2021 Results
16/04/2021 Publication of our 2020 Annual report
24/03/2021 Release Q4 and full year 2020 financials, Online